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Why you should consider settling in Frankston?

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Many families and businesses are thinking to move to Frankston. So, what is in Frankston that people are attracted to this city? Is it really a great place to live?

Let’s find out!
You will hear from outsiders who desperately wanted to settle in this suburb that they are constantly approaching real estate agents of Frankston to get a nice cozy home. Many people wish to relocate to the beach town as their retirement plan. These people have their own perception to settle here. But, this article will provide you with the facts as to why you should consider settling to Frankston.

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Infrastructure and Public Transport

When you will compare the infrastructure of today’s Frankston to five years back, you will see huge differences. The government has invested a lot in it. Frankston attracts thousands of visitors, particularly during summer and Christmas period. Moreover, you will see an amazing upgrade in its train station and surroundings.


This place is popularly known for Frankston High School. This school is one of the highest performing public schools in Victoria. Also, there are many others up to the mark primary schools like Frankston Heights and Derinya Primary.

Parks and Recreation

If you want a great place for a relaxing walk, George Pentand Botanic Gardens is a great place. With additional BBQ area and playground, you can enjoy your leisure time there. If you want to play time for your kids, Beauty Park is an amazing space. Here, they must explore the rocky dry river. The Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Centre provides high-end fitness and health services to all age groups.

Best property investment

With amazing public infrastructure and amenities, Frankston is one of the best places in Australia for investment. If you wish to know more about the property for sale in Frankston South or moving to a house there, you can contact real estate agents of Frankston to have a chat in detail.

Wrapping up

You can certainly consider shifting to Frankston as it has all the facilities one can wish for in their surroundings. Moreover, if you want to know more about this amazing suburb or are still in doubt to shift, look at some of the future projects of Frankston.

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